Thursday, 14 November 2013

Estuary Ecosystem Project

This term our inquiry topic is ecosystems. We all have been working very, very hard to complete this challenge in time. We all had to do an info graphic this is mine hope you like it.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Team Bailey

Today we made optimist yacht each. It was quite hard, but very fun

Guide to Riding a Optimist Yacht

Below you will find a step by step instruction guide to being safe in an optimist yacht. If you follow this guide you will be gliding around, as safe as can be, whilst your companions are struggling and falling off  and just plain drowning. Unless of course they follow this guide as well.

Step 1: Make sure your boat is facing the wind. This is vitally important, to ensure the boom won't swing around and wallop the back of your head.

Step 2: Have you checked the buoyancy cap? What is that you ask? The buoyancy cap is a black circle like thing that protect the boat from filling with water and sinking to the bottom of the lagoon.

Step 3: Don't forget to check the rudder for without it you'd be like a dog chasing his tail.

Step 4: Mast lock is very important double check it’s securely locked in. That’s the rope that holds up the mast. Why don't you check the bow line at the same time.

Step 5: Have you secured your figure eight knots properly? This will ensure that your mainsheet won't go flying in the gail.

Step 6: Now for your own, personal safety. I'm warning you not for the fashion easter. wetsuits are not compulsory but take my advice they can prevent being frozen to an icicle.

Step 7: Lets talk footwear. Old sneakers or water boots are good option. You don't want to be wearing flip flops on the boat, now do we?

Step 8: Lifejacket are a must have if you capsize that might just save your life. Just check it does not slip over your head. One more thing on this subject make sure it has been certified in the last 2-3 years.

Step 9: Last but not least, Have fun!!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Google for Doodle

I have been doing a doodle for google. We had a theme and it is "if I were an explorer." It took me a long time but I enjoy colouring in.

This is my one hope you like it.


America's cup

Every one is excited about the Americas cup. Go team New Zealand. We have been watching some of the races in class. Here is one example of how nervous we all are.

More FM Visit

Today in school Mr Kinsey announced that there were going to be 3 people going to be interviewed by the More FM Radio station people. He put all the leaders in a bucket and produced three names "Bruno, Flora and Bailey if you want to you three are going to be interviewed by the radio station." We all said yes of course. That should take place on the Labour weekend Monday.


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reading-Design you own rocket

In reading this week tui and pukeko have been reading a book called Sky High. We had to draw a rocket. Mine is called "The Shark Navigator Lift Away." Our design had to show things that we had learnt from our reading. We had to have a GPS and a Igniter. This is mine.

My Family Tree

This week in maths we we have been making family trees.  We had to think about our family and how things happen. This is a flow chart. Most of my close family are on this chart. I have never made one before so I've learnt a lot about how to make one.

This is mine hope you like it.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Maths - Minecraft Robot Pig

In maths last week we had to make robots out of nets. This was geometry learning. His head was a cube. His body was a rectangular prism.  We had so many nets to chose from, it was a hard decision. We had to make it with a partner, I did it with Rebecca. We made an awesome minecraft robot pig, called... Minecraft Robot Pig. He does not like to stand up, so I taped him down so he would stand. He's awesome. He is also part business man, which explains the tie.
Here he is. Hope you like him!!!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Calendar Artwork

Here is my calendar artwork. I hope you like it.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Daily Bailey TM - Havelock Hunts for History

 Havelock Hunts for History

In class we had to write a story about our scavenger hunt. We had to pretend we were reporters observing it. Here is my one. Enjoy...

60 year 6's from Havelock North Primary embarked on a hunt to find seven locations, on Tuesday 6th of August. The hunt began from the domain in the centre of H.N.

It has been reported that a stalker has been following around one group. Ruby Hughan When asked about this answered, "First we saw him in the park when we were eating our morning tea. We did a bit of hunting around and saw him at every other stop, he even followed us up Te Mata Peak. He's a real creep."
Bailey Campbell has a different take on the hunt. She visited the cemetery and said, "I think we went to study and find out and take notice of the people who have gone before us."

The seven locations included: The Cenotaph in the middle of the village, which was clue 1. Clue 2 was, The Great Old Gum Tree. Clue 3 included the information centre. Clue 4 was another tree; the totara tree planted in the memory of Graham Lowe. Keirunga gardens was clue 5. The 6th clue was the cemetery and last but not least Clue 7 was the top of Te Mata Peak.

All the year 6's come back to school with there head held high. Full of information, ready for a well deserved lunch. Mrs Jenny Cameron, the creator of the hunt, felt, "It was a very successful day and everyone enjoyed it."

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Character Vignette - Quick Write

For writing this week we have been doing character vignettes. We have done two so far. The first one showed a girl jumping over a little stream and the one I did today was set in Auckland city with a man walking across a bridge... This is MY vignette (underneath)

The spaghetti junction spread out before the old man looked like it would never end. The stars hid away under the black sheet of the night. He looked down at his beaten up old slippers with worn out soles and sighed. He scuffed at the old, dirty cigarette butts that littered the side walk. He watched the twinkling city lights of the Auckland city. Even the signs glinted in the moon light. The city was a spectacular at night.

The man scurried over to the park bench that layout before him. He stuffed his hand in to his rucksack;     as that was all he owned in the entire world, and grabbed his one thin,weathered, small blanket that he was wrapped in when he was sent to the orphanage. Before he was sent to the orphanage how ever he was found in a small park bench just outside crying of starvation.