Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Daily Bailey TM - Havelock Hunts for History

 Havelock Hunts for History

In class we had to write a story about our scavenger hunt. We had to pretend we were reporters observing it. Here is my one. Enjoy...

60 year 6's from Havelock North Primary embarked on a hunt to find seven locations, on Tuesday 6th of August. The hunt began from the domain in the centre of H.N.

It has been reported that a stalker has been following around one group. Ruby Hughan When asked about this answered, "First we saw him in the park when we were eating our morning tea. We did a bit of hunting around and saw him at every other stop, he even followed us up Te Mata Peak. He's a real creep."
Bailey Campbell has a different take on the hunt. She visited the cemetery and said, "I think we went to study and find out and take notice of the people who have gone before us."

The seven locations included: The Cenotaph in the middle of the village, which was clue 1. Clue 2 was, The Great Old Gum Tree. Clue 3 included the information centre. Clue 4 was another tree; the totara tree planted in the memory of Graham Lowe. Keirunga gardens was clue 5. The 6th clue was the cemetery and last but not least Clue 7 was the top of Te Mata Peak.

All the year 6's come back to school with there head held high. Full of information, ready for a well deserved lunch. Mrs Jenny Cameron, the creator of the hunt, felt, "It was a very successful day and everyone enjoyed it."

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